My 4 year old made an unusual demand today:

“Dad, you’ve got to keep this bottle cap forever.”

I smiled. We had just been riding scooters outside, and while drinking water, the bottle cap fell from my hand and rolled away. He retrieved it for me and then said those words.

Bottle Cap

Me: “Why, kiddo?”

4yo: “Because without water and food, you die. And then I wouldn’t have a dad. It’s no fun, not having a dad, right?”

Me: (suddenly emotional) “Right.”

4yo: “So you need to keep this bottle cap. Forever. Now let’s go ride, dad!”

Me: 😭😭😭

You love your children so much. But often you forget to take care of yourself while taking care of them. This matter-of-fact piece of logical deduction from my kid jolted me awake. I need to look after my health more, so that he can have a dad.

Because it’s no fun, not having a dad, right?