लगा कर आग शहर को
बादशाह ने कहा
“उठा है दिल में आज
तमाशे का शौक़ बहुत ।”
झुका कर सर
सभी शाह-परस्त बोल उठे,
“हुज़ूर का शौक़ सलामत रहे,
शहर हैं और बहुत ।”

A translation (to the best of my limited ability):

As he set fire to the city,
the Emperor said:
“I feel a real whimsy
for some entertainment today.”

Bowing deeply,
all his sycophants yelled:
“Long live His Majesty and his whims,
there are plenty of cities around.”

elon as emperor