Have you watched Avdi Grimm’s keynote “The Soul of Software”?

Avdi Grimm - The Soul of Software

Avdi Grimm The Soul of Software

The talk is one of the most thought-provoking I’ve heard; but one particular concept has stuck in my mind: saccades. Saccades affect our perception of reality. It’s another form of mental blind spots - we can’t change the fact that our brain does this; but we can become more aware of it.

In my experience, “saccades” aren’t just a visual trick. They occur during conversations as well. If you aren’t truly listening, your mind will fill in the blanks with its own version of the truth. A lot of early practitioners of active listening are surprised by how different “what was said” and “what I heard” can be.

Just another reminder to constantly practice mindfulness as often as possible.