OverThinking It is my all-favorite podcast, and this week’s episode is a great example why. They discussed the recent Harvey Weinstein controversy, and attempted to (in their own words):

“make a sincere effort to overthink current scandals in a way that is useful and sensitive.”

In a world where being “internet famous” is an aspiration, and where “thought leadership” means being critical of others’ ideas or having strong opinions about everything; it’s refreshing to find people who are trying not to judge but to understand. Not to critique but to connect.

A lot of it derives from the participants’ own backgrounds and relationships. While they all have day jobs, they are also an improv comic, a theatre actor, and a musician. They know how to perform in teams. They know the art of “yes, and…” They’ve been friends since college, and have run this podcast for nearly a decade as a labor of love… and so there aren’t any brownie points to score, no egos to be hurt or inflated, no attempts at “going viral”. They speak as good friends do, with a sense of exploration and a tone that never gets negative.

I wish more conversations on the internet were this good.

Congratulations on 9 years of great content, guys! Here’s wishing you many more.