“90% of success in life is about just showing up” - Woody Allen

“Showing up is not enough” - Dan Shipper

Excerpts from a great talk by Daniel Goleman:

  • Mindfulness is a rare skill in today’s day and age. Our attention is at a deficit.
  • We are too focused on the end goal instead of the journey. Advertisements show the “moment of victory” and the fun thereafter, not the work that came prior.
  • Just try to be in the moment, focused on what you’re working on. Do it well. Get in the zone.

I know I can do this, because I do it for my son. If I were distant, checking my phone, not paying attention to him, he will know. I don’t want to be an inattentive parent. So I put my phone away, and focus on what he’s focused on right now. I enjoy what he’s enjoying, am attentive to how he’s feeling and what his needs are.

Why not do the same for your spouse, friends, colleagues and clients? In a conversation, focus entirely on what the other person is saying. Really listen. Bring your mind back if it wanders.

Be present.