As evidenced by the number of posts in 2013, this has been a hectic year. An amazing year, filled with ups and downs, but worthwhile because it was a year of proving out who I am and what I'm meant to be. The list below is just a catalog of its highlights as I see them today. Who knows what I'll remember 2, 5, 20 years from now, but it's worth remembering some of these things. Not just for myself, but for the people who helped me get here. I've come to realize and accept that I am a man of many deep flaws and only a few good qualities. I am lucky to have the life I lead, and am grateful for the people around me whose love and generosity of spirit makes it possible. Specifically my wife, my parents and sister, and a small group of close friends and current/former colleagues. Thank you.

Turned 30 this year.

Bought a home.

Found out we're having a baby.

Grew in my career to a position where my talents are finding a niche.

Worked long hours. Really long. Days, nights, weekdays and weekends. I had something to prove and (at least to myself) was able to prove it.

Mentored a high school kid who's making the transition to adulthood and getting ready for college.

Joined a gym, ran a 5K, learnt how to play basketball, squash and carrom, and found some buddies to go cycling with.

Got really fit (31" waist) and then fat (35" waist) within 6 months. The yo-yo of fitness fads continues. The love affair with junk foods and lunch buffets does too.

Made a ton of mistakes in my closest relationships - but somehow, they stuck around. Some of those relationships grew stronger as a result.

Discovered that my wife is right most of the time. And yet, I disagree with her anyway, most of the time. For the gift of living with and loving this amazing person, I am deeply grateful.

Took one vacation this year. That's it - one. We went to Hawaii and I remembered how much I love the sea. When we retire I hope we move to the seaside.

Went scuba diving. Despite being deeply terrified of drowning.

Tried (and failed at) gardening.

Became best friends with a 1-year old. Discovered my own inner child.

Re-discovered some of my worst flaws. Saw them negatively affect my life. On a few occasions I had the strength to do the right thing. On others, they won. It will always be a battle, I can never win - but maybe I can keep them from doing too much damage.