Michael Sheen has made a career portraying historical figures - mostly British - in movies and on stage. He's played David Frost in Frost/Nixon, Tony Blair in The Queen, Kenneth Williams, H.G. Wells, Brian Clough, Emperor Nero, and more.

I think I've found the perfect next role for him. Coming soon to a theatre near you... Michael Sheen as BP CEO Tony Hayward in... "Top Gun 2: Top Kill"!

Seriously... can you tell the difference?

p.s. - Someone might make a cheap joke and say that Sheen already has the right experience, having played a vampire twice as well as Nero. Let me say here that Hayward seems to me to have done a fairly good job in the Gulf spill crisis - inasmuch as one human being under great stress can do. That is to say, there aren't many people in the world who could have done better under the circumstances. Aside from keeping his mouth shut, of course.