How are foreign students in America, recently graduated and unable to find jobs, coping with the recession?

While shopping in an Indian grocery store today, I was approached by a twenty-something fellow with a big smile on his face, who asked me, "Excuse me, haven't I met you somewhere? Aren't you ___'s brother?" I said no, but he kept on trying to initiate a conversation- where do I work? Where was I from? Where did I get my degree? All in an extra friendly manner.

I kept my guard up. I've encountered my fair share of Amway-Quixtar types in grocery stores, libraries and other random places. They always start conversations on a "you're Indian I'm Indian let's be friends" basis.

He eventually gave up and just blurted out his situation: recently graduated from UT Dallas with a Masters degree, looking for a job, wondering if my company is hiring. I gave him our website, a number he could call (after all, I was in his situation once,) and wished him the best. Later I saw him with two friends hanging around the aisles, scoping potential targets.

Is this what it's come to? I mean, ten on ten for innovation, and for having the guts to go through that, but minus five million for execution, right?

p.s. - my wife likes to say that Indian men have absolutely no idea how to talk smooth... Americans are really good at this, they play it cool and handle conversations in a way that leaves both parties with an easy exit. Today, watching this guy fumble through an awkward agenda in such a creepy, off-putting manner, I just had to agree with her. Shape up, my desi brethren, prove her wrong!